Friday, August 12, 2016

Depends What You Want In A Nickname

I was at my dad's for about four hours before we started arguing. Not about anything serious, but about whether "Stone Buddha" or "Final Boss" is a better nickname for the Cardinals' current closer Seung-hwan Oh. At least it didn't turn as ugly as our argument about Leone films.

My dad and most of the Cardinals' announce team prefer the former, which is a strong point in my favor, since most of the Cardinals' announcers are morons. But it's supposed to be because he appears unflappable. "Final Boss" is because he's the guy brought in to close out the win, so if the other team is going to win, they have to beat him. I think that's pretty swell, and apt. Of course, dad didn't even understand what "final boss" was referring to, and when I explained it was a video game reference, he adopted an extremely disdainful air. Because he's a cranky old man. "It's a non sequitur," he said, "When have you ever heard someone called that in real life?"

Well, it's true I've yet to encounter a person in everyday life I'd consider a "final boss", but I've also never heard anyone described as a "stone buddha", either. The argument was left stalemated, though I think the fact "Final Boss" was Oh's nickname in the Korean leagues should be a point in its favor. It has seniority.

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