Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It Could Be A Cold, Dead Winter

November's solicits are not entirely promising. A lot of books I've been buying are missing. No sign of Henchgirl, or Darkwing Duck. The Wynonna Earp mini-series, ongoing series, whatever it is, isn't there, although there is either a one-shot or another mini-series depending. IDW's page says it's a mini-series focusing on Wynonna and Doc Holliday, but the Previews' order form lists it like it's a single issue. I'm not sure whether I'd get it anyway. Holliday is not really my favorite part of the book.

Over at DC, I didn't see that Deadman mini-series anywhere. Also, I saw an article that said that Prez book that appeared and went away after 6 issues last year isn't coming back for another "season" after all. I bought the trade earlier this spring, I would have picked it up if it came back. Which raises a question I have about DC's "Young Animal" line. Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye book and that bunch. If those books need time to build buzz (and sales), will DC wait? How much patience do they have before they decide it isn't working?

Then there's Marvel. Civil War II will finally be ending. Make a note in your schedule to savor that brief moment between then and when the next event starts, the same month. Did you love Avengers vs. X-Men? No? Of course not, it was stupid bullshit. Well, now it's the Inhumans' turn to fight the X-Men. I'm sure the fanbase will root for the Inhumans, right? No? Of course not. Last time, Cyclops planned to use the planet-destroying Phoenix Force to turn people into mutants without ever bothering to ask those people if that's what they want, and otherwise intelligent people still insist "Cyclops was right". The Inhumans aren't winning this p.r. battle no matter what.

There's also a host of first issues out, none of which interest me. Good call though, making that Thor the Unworthy thing a mini-series. If he only needs to draw 5 issues, Coipel might actually get the whole thing done on schedule. They're restarting Ultimates, after one year, brilliant. New ongoings for Venom, and Foolkiller. Oh, and Thanos, where he has to deal with his family. And you'd think I'd be happy about the Occupy Avengers book, hey it's Hawkeye doing. . . something. But I look at him and think, Clint ought to be in prison for killing Banner. They're giving their newest Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, another shot at an ongoing, probably because the character is going to be on Agents of SHIELD. I actually have no criticism of this. I'm actually surprised they're trying to get more material with the character out there ahead of his appearance. I know there's a trade of his previous attempt at an ongoing, and that Ghost Racers mini-series from Secret Wars, but I guess they're wanting consistent new stuff. I don't think there's been much evidence TV or movie appearance drive repeat consumers, but credit for effort, I guess.

On the good news side of things, Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat is still not canceled. I know I keep mentioning that every month, but I honestly keep expecting to see "FINAL ISSUE" in the solicits each month. And she's in the midst of tangling with the Black Cat, that should be good. And we still have Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Deadpool's having it out with Madcap, I'm hoping that's going to be good.

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