Monday, August 08, 2016

The "Murder" Option Is The Better One

Not about Age of Ultron, but still about Black Widow and Iron Man. Comic book versions, not film.

Probably not any big surprise, but I'm expecting that the big secret Natasha didn't want revealed by Weeping Lion is that she killed Tony's parents. I don't know if that means Howard and Maria, or his biological parents - who Tony may not have discovered the identity of yet, I don't know, I'm not reading International Iron Man - but one set of them. Which would explain Black Widow #5 ending with pissed off Iron Man hunting for Natasha.

Although, there is another possibility. Highly unlikely, and probably very ill-advised, but what the hell: Natasha is one of Tony's biological parents. She's much older than she appears - Waid and Samnee have already referenced this in issue 4 - and as far as I know, the comics have not incorporated Whedon's decision to have her surgically made incapable of conceiving a child. It's feasible, though I wouldn't advocate for it, since I don't think it's really a development either character needs. But I didn't see the point in revealing Howard and Maria aren't Tony's biological parents, either.

It was just a notion that came to mind a couple of weeks ago.


Kelvin Green said...

I haven't been following Marvel in years so I had no idea that Tony Stark was adopted now. His biological parents aren't going to be nobodies -- although it would make for a decent story if this super wealthy genius was the son of a working class couple neither of whom got good grades at school -- because Marvel will jump through hoops to make them "significant".

So his parents are going to be Doctor Doom and some Latverian milkmaid, or the secretary of the Nazi club Steve Rogers' mum joined, or something dumb like that.

CalvinPitt said...

I feel like this was only just added in when his second ongoing started up, so maybe 6 months ago? You're right, though, it'll turn out to be somebody important. Hmm, is Obidiah Stane alive? Maybe Tony will turn out to be his illegitimate kid. Of course, Bendis is the one writing the book, so in all likelihood, the answer will never be revealed.