Friday, May 30, 2014

The Heat Of Summer Keeps The Solicits Quiet, Too

August is going to be a pretty quiet month, comicswise. No shake-ups to the pull list, so I'll just note a few things quickly.

- Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14, originally solicited to appear in June, will now appear in August. I guess we can figure on the series ending in September then.

- Hawkeye is missing once again. At this rate, Marvel will be on All-Newer Marvel Now! 4.5 by the time Fraction and Aja wrap this thing up. 

- Daredevil will still be doing Original Sin tie-ins, but at least they aren't forcing it to double-ship this month. The same goes for Deadpool, for which issue #33 will mark the 5th Original Sin tie-in issue. I really hope my faith in those two creative teams isn't misplaced.

- At least Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and Nightcrawler aren't doing any tie-ins. Yet.

- Avengers Undercover is the only Marvel book on my list double-shipping, which is right on schedule for it. However, Harley Quinn is also double-shipping. Chad Hardin won't be drawing both issues, and Amanda Conner is sadly not the fill-in artist. Ah well, it makes up for the fact there won't be an issue of Harley for me in September, since I already know I'm skipping the Future's End mess.

- Atomic Robo: Knights of the Golden Circle continues. Impressed that so far they aren't suggesting any skip months for it. Usually there's at least one somewhere in there. Maybe next month, but hopefully not.

And that's it. There wasn't anything new starting up that even tweaked me interest a little, but that's OK. It's still about a dozen books.

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