Friday, October 10, 2014

I've Been In The Sun Too Long

Which is funny, considering it was overcast and rainy all day. But this has been percolating a long time in the back of my head.

Back in the spring, when I was reading far too many books on World War 1 and 2, a friend and I were discussing some video game (probably Singularity) that involved shooting at Russians. Except these Russians took cover, as all good first-person shooter enemies do these days, and my friend joked this was hardly in keeping with Russian tradition. I made a comment comparing Russia to a Pokemon. "Russia used Wave of Humanity. . . It's not very effective."

I followed that with, "Russia used Killing Winter. It's super-effective!" Then things spiraled out of control. Germany countered with Vladmir Lenin, which turns Wave of Humanity into a Bolshevik Revolution, turning Russia's attack damage against itself. Shut up, I know it isn't historically accurate. The British were going to get a Rousing Churchill/Royal Family Speech which would raise defense or fortitude, and yes, by this point I was shifting between world wars, but whatever. The opposition could try to sow Colonial Unrest to deplete Britain's manpower (or attack strength). For World War 2, you'd have to have something to represent the people who felt democracy in their countries needed to be replaced by fascism, and thus weren't real keen to fight Fascist nations. Perhaps call it "Short-sighted Idiots".

I particularly liked "U.S. Involvement", which drastically raises your attack power. . . in 5 or 6 turns once the U.S. gets its act together.

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SallyP said...

That's one heck of a game!