Thursday, October 30, 2014

These Solicits Are More Depressing And Strange Than Scary

Tomorrow is Halloween, so I guess these should be Spooooooky Solicitations? So try this one on for size: She-Hulk is cannnnnnceled with issue 12!

Wait, that's not scary, that just stinks. Let's try this again. Ahem. Nightcrawler will be fighting the Shadow Kiiiiiiiiinnnng! What, seriously? Dang it, Claremont, I don't think anyone actually likes the Shadow King but you. Admittedly, I am curious to see how Kurt is going to fight a non-corporeal foe, but I may really have to drop this.

All right, third time's the charm. Squirrel Girl is getting her own ongoing series, starting in January. OK, now that's a sign of the Apocalypse, and not the one from the X-Men comics. That being said, will I buy it? Yes, I definitely will. I'm gonna have a She-Hulk-sized hole in my pull list soon, anyway.

OK, enough of this faux-holiday nonsense. Captain Marvel is doing a Christmas-themed issue, proving that holiday spirit, like light, takes time to travel through space. Even with Christmas creep, it can't make it there on time.

Deadpool's done with Axis, which means it's back on my list, and I'm debating keeping Rocket Raccoon after all, because the solicitation for 7 promises that Rocket is trying to make amends for his past, because I'm a sucker. Rocket might actually behave like a good guy. On the other hand, it remains to be seen what his definition of "making amends" looks like. Well, I haven't shipped my order off yet, there's still a little time to decide.

I suppose after I proclaimed my love for Scott Lang, I really ought to buy his new ongoing. I don't really want to pay $5 for the first issue, though. Perhaps I'll start buying it with the second issue.

I know this has been really Marvel heavy, but there isn't a lot else I have comments on. Klarion is at least making it to issue 4, Catman has a new outfit, Harley's dating that guy who escaped from prison a couple of issues ago.

Roche Limit will be wrapping up its first arc. They had said in an interview the book will be three distinct 5 issue arcs, so I'm curious if there'll be a gap now, to give them time to get the next arc finished, or if the whole this is ready to go. Won't know the answer to that until next month, though.


SallyP said...

I am too depressed about She-Hulk as well. Might give Squirrel Girl a chance...unless they decide to make her all grim and gritty.

Shadow King might have been...slightly...interesting 20 years ago, but he's pretty passe now.

Any bets on when Wolverine will be back?

CalvinPitt said...

Squirrel Girl sounds pretty non grim and gritty based on the bits I've read about it (and the art). It sounds kind of like "young girl struggles with everyday life (and being a superhero)", or something to that effect.

Yeah, upon further reflection (I actually wrote this last weekend) I decided Shadow King was a good reason to bail on Nightcrawler. Sorry, Kurt.

As to Logan, when's his next movie coming out? I'll say 7 months before that (so he can return at the end of a big event, then immediately jump into a new ongoing, which will finish just in time for a trade paperback to be ready for moviegoers).

Or at the end of this Secret Wars thing Hickman is doing. WHichever.