Monday, October 19, 2015

So Expect My Next Round Of Favorite Characters In 3 Years

Comics Should Be Good is running the results of their most recent poll on the Top Characters from Marvel and DC. The last time they did it, in 2011, I submitted the lists that formed the basis for my Favorite Characters posts last year. This time around, I swapped in the alternate characters I have in mind for the addendum to the Favorite Character posts (Which I might get to early next year. Maybe? If I can do a lot of prep for them over the holidays, when I'm back near my collection?) What that boils down to is 90% of the DC list is the same, and 80% of the Marvel one is different (and it isn't the top 2 that are the same, because my mind works oddly).

We'll see how it turns out. So far, Stephanie Brown's the only character from either list to show up. I could see as many as 6 of the other  DC characters making the Top 50, but it'll likely be less. With the Marvel list, I'd only expect 4, maybe 5 total.

The thing that interests me is which characters will make a big jump from the last time (or a big fall). Like on the 2007 list, Nova and Luke Cage both finished in the mid-20s. I distinctly recall much gnashing of teeth from certain sectors that they finished ahead of Adam Warlock, which is why I've resolved not to read comments, because that kind of "that character sucks! Nuh uh!" gets real old. I haven't forgotten the bickering that erupted in the comments when Hal Jordan ranked highest of the Green Lanterns, and people used it as evidence he was the best GL. Nova was definitely not that high up 4 years later. I've already noticed Squirrel Girl is on the list, which speaks to her current surge of popularity.


SallyP said...

Squirrel Girl should be on the list! As for Hal... well, he's just the best known Green Lantern. Unfortunately he's probably the stupidest as well.

It's funny to see how the popularity of characters rises and falls.

CalvinPitt said...

Yeah, although I was pleasantly surprised to see Nova finished in 37th, which is a lot higher than I would have suspected. He wasn't on my list, but it's still nice (though I wonder how much it was a backlash from certain segments of the fanbase to Sam Alexander).