Sunday, October 04, 2015

Zorro 1.34 - The Well of Death

Plot: Corporal Reyes drinks alone as the Muriettas enter the tavern. Carlos is convinced Zorro has his half of the treasures, and plans to use the soon to arrive other half to trap the outlaw. Meanwhile, Sergeant Garcia is thwarted in his attempt to hit Reyes up for a drink, and wandering outside, comes across Senorita Bastinado's little brother, Pogo. The boy is so impressed with Garcia's made up tales of capturing bandits he offers to buy the sergeant a drink, only to be saved by his sister. Pogo has brought the other boot shipment, and he rides with the Muriettas to the tannery to drop it off. Their arrival disrupts Diego's attempt to search the tannery for the first half of the jewels, but he opts to alert Garcia to what's going on, by making up some story about the tannery appearing ransacked. Unfortunately, Garcia decides to go alone, rather than bring lancers, which means Zorro's going to need to put in an appearance.

Back at the tannery, Pietro dropped the box, breaking the bottom and letting the jewels spill out, in front of the kid, who winds up tied up as Garcia arrives. The sergeant quickly notices something is up, and catches Carlos in a lie almost immediately. So the brothers try to back him up into the well, only for Zorro to show up and hol' on a minute, let's make this a tag team match! Garcia struggles badly against Carlos, but does a little better against Pietro, though Pogo (having worked himself out of the ropes) has to keep the sergeant from falling into the well. Pietro goes in instead, along with the kid. But Pogo saved himself by grabbing the bag full of jewels Mordante hid there, and Garcia pulls them up. All seems well, but Zorro got distracted, which allowed Carlos to reach a musket and claim the jewels. For a whole 5 minutes before Zorro chased him down and took them back.

After, as Senorita Bastinado and her brother prepare to head home, we learn Garcia's been spreading the story of how he caught the brothers single-handed, but even that isn't enough to turn the Senorita's head, as she asks him to pass along an invitation to Corporal Reyes to visit her for dinner some time.

Quote of the Episode: Garcia - 'More trouble than I can handle, Don Diego? You do not know me very well.'

Times Zorro marks a "Z": 0 (13 overall).

Other: Watching Reyes guzzle the last of his wine before Garcia could get any was pretty funny. But you know, the innkeeper was gone (much to the Muriettas frustration) and we never did learn where he was. So first Senor Mordante "leaves for Capistrano", and now the innkeeper is gone. Is this some fiendish new plot by the Eagle to weaken Los Angeles by removing all the merchants? My God, the Eagle is actually a corporation, trying to destroy the small mom-and-pop businesses and absorb them all at a low cost! Which means a corporation really is a person? My worldview is shattered!

It was nice to see Garcia perceive bullcrap when he heard it. Carlos stuck with the Capistrano story about Mordante, and Garcia immediately mentioned Mordante's horse was out back grazing. It's nice to see him have a good moment here and there, because he didn't do so well otherwise. Encouraging a child to buy him wine, still trying to cozy up to Dolores, trying to steal a holy treasure of the church (he tried to not give the Cross of the Andes to the padre, only for Zorro to quietly remind him), trying to attack the Corporal for being the target of Dolores' affections. Not a great sequence of events for him.

I'm not entirely clear on why Diego brought Garcia in. Did he not like Zorro's odds against both Muriettas? I guess that unless he was willing to kill them, he might never have the chance to search for the first shipment. It does seem likely the brothers wouldn't have tried to fight Garcia and a squad of lancers, but is that it?

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