Friday, June 03, 2016

Because Odin's A Jerk

So in Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, we learned Odin booted Casiolena (and poor Poppo) out of Asgard for being a hot-tempered jerk. Also because punishing people for being ill-tempered is what Odin does, besides taking naps at the most inconvenient moments. At some point all this banishing should have led to the moment where Odin realizes the one who is truly hot-tempered is him (also that the real monster is humanity, or intolerance) but has not. Because in addition to having a bad temper, Odin also lacks self-awareness.

Anyway, I was slightly disappointed to see Freyja (I think it was her, I'm not up on my Asgardians these days) standing at his side as Casiolena swore revenge. Because I had figured Freyja was a more level-headed and reasonable person, who recognizes that Asgard will soon be empty if Odin keeps banishing people. So I figured she waits until he sends someone away, then sneaks them in the back door. You know, one of those pathways Loki is always using to get back in without tipping off Heimdall.

She lets them in, hooks them up with a wig or a fake mustache, gives them a different name, and goes along acting as though this person has always been around, or has arrived from one of the outlying areas of the realms, whichever works better. Either way, Odin doesn't suspect, and everyone else goes along with it because by this point, all of them have been punished or expelled by him at some point, and probably will again before too long, so no one is keen to upset the system that gets them back in*. Some people, such as Casiolena, don't make it back in because they storm off before anyone can get ahold of them, or they (understandably) refuse to sneak back in, when Odin is in all likelihood being entirely unreasonable.

I want to stress they use makeup and phony hair disguises, and not magic. Because Odin would see through a glamour, but never suspect a rubber nose. Also because it amuses me to envision them trying to figure out how to disguise Volstagg successfully.

* There's always seemed to be a lot of hostility towards Asgard and Asgardians in the other Worlds. Some Asgardians can handle themselves, but I'd imagine there are plenty not looking forward to constantly fending off vengeful rock trolls or frost giants.


SallyP said...

I find this theory actually quite delightful. Because Odin is seriously a huge jackals most of the time. Heck he even screws over Thor, just because he can. Every once in a while yoyo get a writer who portrays Odin actually being... wise and even fatherly... but not too often.

CalvinPitt said...

Maybe Odin needs a hobby. Like woodworking, or model ship building. Something to teach him patience and self-control.