Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Really, It's Kind Of Her Job

So the crossover with Howard the Duck was not my favorite Squirrel Girl story in the Henderson/North tenure. That said, there is one element I would like to see carried over, and that is Weapon II. Not because I want a Wolverine in the book that is also a squirrel. Well, maybe that is part of it.. But that main reason is it makes sense to me that Doreen and Tippy would want to help Weapon II readjust to no longer being someone else's weapon/experiment.

It was in the Weapon Plus program, and we know what they did to Logan and Deadpool, among others. It wasn't pretty. And Weapon II is still at the stage where it wears that VR helmet and slips into berserker rages every five minutes. So the other squirrels should be trying to help it reacclimate, and since Doreen is very concerned with squirrels, she should be helping when she can. And if this mean she gets an occasional helping hand from an angry squirrel with adamantium claws, well, that's a perk. Or a side-effect she's just going to have to tolerate.

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SallyP said...

I actually loved this team up. Oh, and Kraven. But yes, Weapon II really needs to stay.