Monday, July 18, 2016

Negative Associations Like This Could Be Bad For My Teeth

In the last month or so, most every night when I use mouthwash, my mind starts thinking about the Kevin Smith/Terry Dodson mini-series, Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil Men Do.

Because at the end of the third issue, the villain explains how he can teleport small amounts of fluid (which he uses as a way to provide heroin for people without them worrying about messy needle marks or being observed purchasing anything). He relates how he discovered this power when he was younger, by accidentally teleporting the mouthwash he was swishing in his mouth into the heart of one of his parents who was yelling at him, killing them.

So I guess that's why it comes to mind, but I'd really just as soon my mind didn't dredge that up. Considering that he relates this story after having used that power to drug Felicia, and is preparing to sexually assault her. If I remember right, it didn't happen (the guy's brother killed him, although Felicia took the rap for it initially), but Smith went ahead and added a sexual assault during college to Felicia's backstory, as her motivating incident to turn to crime. Which I think has blessedly been put in the dustbin of history, since it was completely unnecessary and just a bad idea in general.

Still, not something I was excited to have climb back into the forefront of my memory. Now all of you have to suffer along with me.

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