Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Return From The Weekend

Long weekend. I got several things I needed to do taken care of, though attempts to find the previos couple of weeks' comics met with limited success. The fun portion of the holiday was constrained by some of Alex' other friends who basically just wanted to drink and wouldn't stop trying to make other people join in. One was celebrating their birthday, the other was depressed over a break-up, and they combined to form Composite Irritating Boozy Moron. With all the powers of Six-Pack and Tony Stark, most likely.

This did lead to them buying $200+ of fireworks, and then, when some of the mortars misfired, insisting on trying to go back and return them, even though it was after midnight. I wound up driving them, because I've learned it's rarely worthwhile to argue with drunk people, and it kept them from potentially dying. Then they tried to buy more beer at the gas station next door, except it was Sunday, so no dice. So they bought frozen pizzas and burritos instead, even though Alex had four pizzas delivered an hour earlier.

Spent some time playing GTA 5 on the 4th, could not successfully steal the fighter jet for any extended period of time. Did help Alex make some forward progress on the story, since I felt bad I was draining the characters' money by repeatedly dying and getting sent to the hospital. Someone proposed they ought to add a mode of the game where you can play and it doesn't impact story progression at all. Call it, "I have friends coming over." Made sense to me.


SallyP said...

Sounds a tad exhausting.

CalvinPitt said...

A little bit. I was fried Tuesday night by 8.