Thursday, July 07, 2016

Seeing Part Of Two Movies Might Be Better Than None

I did get the chance to see two relatively recent blockbuster films. Well parts of them. Alex' roomie got the extended, ultimate, something cut of Batman vs. Superman, and I saw the start of that. I think up to about the point when Superman walked up a mountain and saw Kevin Costner. It was, not good, but not completely horrible. Alex and I fundamentally disagree about Batman, as I pointed out Batman shouldn't be shooting people with guns, and Alex said that was why Batman was cool.

This is why I don't take his opinions on stuff I should watch very seriously. We are fundamentally very different people.

Anyway, Affleck as burned out, possibly crazier than normal Batman was OK. I didn't see enough of Gadot as Wonder Woman to really assess her performance. Eisenberg is not a good Luthor. I don't know if that's his fault, or Snyder's. Why is Lex Luthor this spastic, kind of stammering dope? Did they tell Eisenberg to do that, or did he make that choice and they went with it? Actually, I thought he might have made a decent Arcade, with the elaborate plots, and turning people against each other to do his dirty work. But it wasn't much of a Luthor.

Most of what I saw was just kind of there, it didn't draw much reaction one way or the other (although all the scenes with Perry White were pretty awful, was I supposed to hate Perry?), but I did scratch my head at Superman telling Lois that "Superman" was just something he created for his father, or something like that. Maybe I'm making the mistake of assuming he meant Costner, when he meant Jor-El, but I thought Costner wanted him to hide his abilities, even if it meant people died. That was a thing about Man of Steel I remember people being very unhappy about. That was why Lois was initially tracking these scattered reports of a strange guy saving people all over the world, right? Because Clark still felt like he should help people when he was in trouble, but he was trying to follow his dad's wishes to stay off the radar of the powers that be?

Unless the idea is he became Superman as a way to help people and keep them focused on this bright symbol, and not look too closely for a man behind it, so he could still have a life as Clark.

The other movie was Jurassic World. I only saw the very end of this, from around the point when the two teens get the jeep working. The part where Chris Pratt is riding his motorcycle and the pack of raptors are running with him was cool. That seemed like something that would be cool to do. Alex observed it was crazy Bryce Dallas-Howard's character was able to run throughout the entire film as well as she did in heels, which seemed like a fair observation. Ellie Saddler wore sensible hiking boots. I don't really have anything else to say about it. I didn't have an overwhelming desire to see the rest at some later date.

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