Saturday, July 02, 2016

Where'd The Powers Go?

Right before the previous volume of Ms. Marvel ended, Kamala's brother developed superpowers as a result of being exposed to Terrigen Mists. His body didn't react in the normal fashion, but he gained powers nonetheless.

We haven't heard anything about them since then. Even with Aamir sort of in focus here in the new volume, with his getting married and all, it hasn't even come up in passing. Which seems strange. Was that something Reed Richards left out of the recreated universe? Aamir said he was going to learn to get the powers under control, so they couldn't impact his life, did he manage that somewhere in that 8 month gap all the writers are so vague about?

It's the sort of development I'd expect to get a little more play, but so far, nothing. Did Kamala find ways to help him? Was she supportive sister, or did Ms. Marvel just so happen show up to help Aamir out one evening? Did Aamir tell his parents? If he got it under control, how did he manage it, and do it so thoroughly no one even mentions those times when he would explode with green energy when he made physical contact with someone? Even if we're looking at it from Kamala's perspective, it should have some impact. Her brother developed powers, but wants nothing to do with them. Where she thinks having them is great, he finds them a hindrance. Does she have second thoughts about what she's doing, does she try to convince him to use his powers like she does, or something entirely different?

Maybe we'll get some answers after the Big Event is finished.


SallyP said...

The mists probably gave him the power to instantly sharpen pencils or something. Which, incidentally, is a very useful sort of power to have.

I am still not quite sure why the Inhumans insist on releasing those darn mists. Does the EPA know about this?

CalvinPitt said...

I would assume the Inhumans got a pass on releasing the Mists the same way Dr. Doom largely gets a pass anytime he does something bad.