Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earthworm Jim 1.5 - Conqueror Worm

Plot: Having survived a death trap of Evil the Cat's, Jim showed off the Terlawk Mall to the Mighty Hamstinator. The Hamstinator got a little too excited in the copy store and tried to photocopy Jim, producing a smushed and blurry picture, which wound up in the landfill. Where it is naturally exposed to toxic waste, causing the copy to become a 3-dimensional, green version of Jim, bent on causing mayhem, robbing banks, and stealing condiments. Jim, suffering from a frozen yogurt hangover, believes he's developed a split personality and turns himself in. And is promptly sentenced to several life sentences in prison, minus his supersuit, with a cellmate who uses him as dental floss.

Meanwhile, Evil Jim wreaks havoc and possibly takes over the world. He at least has Congress declare him King, which, lets face it, our Congress would probably do in a heartbeat. Evil Jim: He's a strong leader, bleats Mitch McConnell's neck jowls. Good Jim, realizing Peter was right about it being the work of an evil twin, escapes from prison, right as Peter and Snot try to bust him out. They eventually meet at the lab where Jim's suit is being researched, only to find Evil Jim waiting. His attempt to kill them Goldfinger style fails, and Jim has to rush to stop his doppelganger from destroying the mall. Which he does, with yogurt.

And in the interlude, Bob the Goldfish learns how an educated populace is a danger to despots. Or he learned the lesson of not giving people super-powers without some way to control them. Either/or.

Quote of the Episode: Peter - 'I'm just the sugar, but I'm gonna barf too! And the jelly! Jelly barf!'

Times Peter loses control: 1 (4 overall).

Cow? Yes, an enormous cow destroyed the mall. If it had waited 10-15 years, the economy would have saved it the trouble.

Other: I think this is the first episode Peter used the 'I must not fear, fear is the mind killer. . .' mantra. It won't be the last. I think it's also the first episode we've seen Jim utilize spinning his head really fast so he can hover like a helicopter. Although it was Evil Jim that did it, as he was in the process of dismantling the Army like he was the Hulk.

Peter's puppet show to describe his angst to Snot (which is where the quote of the episode comes from) was, uh, really something. But he's constantly having characters tell us how they feel. That makes me feel angry!

During Jim's escape from prison, he demonstrated a worse sense of direction than Bugs Bunny. He also helped four lions escape captivity, so that's something.

To escape Evil Jim's death trap, Jim has Peter pull him from the suit by grabbing Jim's head with his foot, then implores Peter to, quote, whip him. Causing Peter to raise an eyebrow until Jim explains he means use him to a whip to pull the off lever for the laser. Peter, uh, Peter's got an interesting mind.

I was feeling kind of down partway through the episode, because the show seemed to be doing a much better job keeping Evil Jim as an opposite than I do in my stories. Then Jim pointed out Evil Jim should love losing since Jim hates it, and Evil Jim brushed that off with, 'Don't be so literal minded.'

Evil Jim loves drinking orange juice right after bushing his teeth, which is just horrible. That sensation is the worst. But there'll be no orange juice or toothpaste in prison, Just that large fellow using Evil Jim for dental floss.

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