Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pickins Are Slim in July

The July solicitations didn't offer much to me. Secret Empire will still be a thing that's happening, but on the plus side, none of the title I plan to buy will be tying in yet. Take that as a win. Squirrel Girl and Nancy are traveling to the Savage Land in their book, which ought to be good.

Although I have this weird suspicion Ryan North is going to spend a lot of time in the book discussing various things about the Savage Land's existence which don't make sense, even allowing for alien technology. Hopefully it will be entertaining lampshading, it usually is.

On the down side, my hopes for the returning villain in Ms. Marvel to be the evil bird with Edison's mind were dashed. The returning villain is the freckled fascist from the Civil War II tie-ins. I could have done without Becky showing up again, certainly so soon after her being sent off to jail. You'd think HYDRA Cap would have tougher prisons.

Outside Marvel, Cave Carson continues, and Justice League of America is doing a story returning to The Ray's recently added home town, so it's probably a story focusing on him, which maybe means I should care? Deathstroke is also forming his own team of superheroes because of a head injury as I understand it, which is kind of interesting. Is that going to end with him recovering and then shooting all the heroes in the head (even though two of them are his kids)? Yeah, probably, unless he stabs some of them.

I had wondered how many months in a row Copperhead would ship before needing a skip month, and the answer is "four", as there's no issue listed for July. I had figured it would be five, which would conclude the third tpb, but not quite. Other than that, Wynonna Earp Season Zero and Real Science Adventures if I'm still buying those. But I just did not see anything else that caught my eye.


SallyP said...

Squirrel Girl and Nancy in the Savage Land? Oh I DO hope Kraven shows up!

CalvinPitt said...

I hadn't considered that, but it would make sense!