Sunday, May 28, 2017

Earthworm Jim 1.10 - The Great Secret of the Universe

Plot: After avoiding an attack by Professor Monkey-for-a-Head at his birthday party, Jim must protect his snowglobe collection from Evil the Cat. Evil has received a Nameless Key, which controls the Nameless Beast, and the Beast is, of course, sealed within a snow globe that Jim owns. Evil's attempts at costumed trickery fail, but the direct approach - kicking the door open and demanding the globe - works surprisingly well. Once the Beast is released, it's revealed to by a gargantuan winged creature named Rosebud, who likes to chat (and prefaces many of it's narratives with, "OK, so funny story. . .") Jim is no match for it, and he and Peter are swatted across space, where they crash into a space alien's flying car. Fortunately she finds Peter's monster form attractive, and is willing to give them a ride home.

Too bad Evil and Rosebud have already departed for the edge of the universe. Jim will never get there in time with his rocket, but the alien lady's car might do the job, if Peter agrees to a date. Of course, having reached Evil and Rosebud, Jim still has to devise a way to stop an unstoppable beast. he opts for "questioning genre conventions," and it mostly works.

In the interlude, Bob is pestered by an image consultant obsessed with putting Bob in ridiculous outfits as a way to get his message across to his subjects.

Quote of the Episode: Rosebud - 'Ah, the edge of the universe. Bit of a disappointment, really. Looks just like the middle of the universe, except for all the glass.'

Times Peter turns into a Monster: 1 (9 overall).

Cow? Yes, but seeing as it landed in a restaurant, it may have overplayed its hand.

Other: Having Professor Monkey-for-a-Head jump out of a cake - with a Fatomic Ray Gun no less - is the worst birthday surprise ever. Chalk this opening up in the "irrelevant to the main plot".

I like that, Bob having failed to inspire his subjects by being dressed as Napoleon or Henry the 8th, the image consultant followed that up with. .  Kurt Cobain. as it is, Bob once again found that being understood by his subjects ends badly.

Evil's first costume was a Souvenir Inspector, wanting to inspect snow globes for safety issues. His second try was an old lady collecting toys for orphans. His third attempt was a turkey outfit, but he didn't even bother to cover his head. I have to figure he didn't expect it to work, but figured he might as well try every costume he had.

We learned Jim was an orphan, his parents stepped on by unwary boots. Given his tearful recollection, Professor Monkey-for-a-Head might want to try constructing a giant foot as a weapon. Like the big green boot you could ride in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Ben Stein's dry delivery is what I envisioned when I came up with the Predator Drone is that one story. That genial, oblivious tone and tendency to ramble about stupid bullcrap.

Rosebud mentioned he loved baseball as a child because of the fashions, and he mentioned the short pants. I have no idea what that means. I never played baseball in short pants. There was a brief stint one season in the '70s where the White Sox did that, but it didn't last long.

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