Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer Doldrums

Secret Empire is supposed to finally end in August, although they've added another issue to it. You'd think these writers would have enough experience writing these comics to be able to pace them correctly. Instead it always seems to be, "Oops I need another issue to finish my stupid bullshit."

At least it appears all the books I'm buying have made it through unscathed. Small favors. All the books I'm buying are mid-storyline, but Marvel does have two other things I'm curious about. Shang-Chi is showing up in Iron Fist, so maybe I want to drift back to that book. Hopefully Danny's not so pathetically chasing his fading power any longer. And in Jennifer Walters' book, Hellcat is going to show up. Would trying to read them interacting in that book give me tonal whiplash after Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat?

Over at DC, I had thought, after the most recent issue, that this battle against the Whisperer in Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye was wrapping up. But it's still going in August. Silly of me to expect the story to end in a number of issues that isn't a multiple of 6.

I keep thinking about buying that Justice League of America book. Ryan Choi's taking the team into the Microverse to find Ray Palmer, which sounds like it could be fun. I don't know, I just can't quite pull the trigger. Too many characters on the team I don't really care about. But maybe I'll take the plunge.

Both companies are celebrating Jack Kirby's 100th birthday. DC has different creators making some comics with his characters, and Marvel's releasing a bunch of cheap reprints of comics Kirby made (though no Fantastic Four) and variant covers of his art. Picking over the remains, or playing dress-up in his clothes, right?

Outside those two, I can't find a whole lot that catches my eye, and I went through the whole order form. There's going to be a new Tick series, or at least a one-shot or something. I might check that out. I never followed through on my plans to get all the collected Tick stuff, because the second collection, either Karma Tornado or Big Blue Destiny, was a disappointment, but I could try again.


SallyP said...

I too am experiencing something of a malaise. The number of books that I am reading has dropped drastically.

DoesMarvel really think there is a viable market for twelve Avengers books... or however many there are? I like the regular Doctor Strange book a lot, but I don't feel the need to read three of them.

And god, I do hope evil Cap comes to an end soon!

CalvinPitt said...

Marvel's problem, and maybe DC's too, though not as bad at the moment, is they go overkill on everything. If they have one Black Panther book that's getting some positive buzz, they put out two more and it's like no, these people just want to read this one Black Panther book, they don't need two more just like it. Encourage them to try some other, different book you have going.

Like you said, they're doing it with Dr. Strange, they've been doing it with Deadpool for like 8 years now, they used to do it with Wolverine. They just run things into the ground.