Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Not At All heated Disagreements About Movies

Alex and I just have fundamentally different tastes in movies, I think. I'll watch a lot of Westerns or sports movies of questionable quality, he liked Batman vs. Superman and the Michael Bay Transformers movies.

Whatever day it was we were watching Meet the Millers, a commercial came on for the Power Rangers movie, and Alex expressed a desire to see it, even though everyone he'd talked to said it was bad. He felt this is how you do a reboot, by making it more "adult", by having the teens really have some attitude, throw in some swears or whatever. Make the monsters not look so silly, maybe. The idea being this will bring in a new group of fans. That there are a lot of people who wouldn't have been into Power Rangers back in the day, but if you make it less goofy, or less, "this week's lesson is. . .", maybe those folks will give it a shot this time around.

I'm not sure I agree with that assessment. I figured you update it but keep it aimed at kids, who are an actual new generation. I figure if you start trying to age it up for an older audience, you lose a shot at a certain amount of the kids, and you still have to overcome the resistance of the adults who think it's too silly.

He also thought last year's Ghostbusters movie erred by focusing strictly on being a comedy, and not being scary at all. I don't remember the original movie being scary, bbut I don't remember what age I first saw it at, or how old Alex was when he first saw it. I tend to think Ghostbusters 2016 would have benefited from just being funnier, but that's me.

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