Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Are These Solicits The Equivalent Of Coal?

It's the holiday season, so let's look at solicitations that came out this month! For books that won't be here until March! Delayed gratification is the sweetest gift of all! Or is it the cruelest? Whichever.

Speaking of cruel, DC is going to cancel a whole bunch of series almost none of us were reading. I mean, I was reading Klarion, but apparently I was the only one, and I know Sally was reading Red Lanterns, but maybe they'll start that one up again after this Convergence stuff. Anyway, DC is ending 13 series in all, and most of them aren't any surprise, because it's the ones that weren't selling. Credit to them for trying two Aquaman series, I guess. That was definitely a surprise, even if the fact it didn't last wasn't.

As for Marvel, March is surprisingly a month without a linewide crossover event. I wasn't sure Marvel still did that any more. They're still doing the Black Vortex thing among the cosmic books, and Hickman might almost, finally, be ready for time to run out, whatever that's going to lead to. A bunch of crap I'm going to ignore, more than likely. In the world of comics I'm actually buying, Scott Lang's going to fight Taskmaster, while Squirrel Girl's going to space to fight Galactus.

Look, you have to understand your level as a hero. Some people are meant to fight assassins-for-hire, and some people are meant to defend the world from fundamental cosmic forces. No shame in not being able to keep up with Squirrel Girl.

I have no idea who that is on the Daredevil cover. Looks like Boomerang, except a lady. Fred's been messing around with Chameleon's shape shifting serum a little too much. That stuff's a hell of a drug.

Oh, let's not ignore Marvel expects to start up a new Hawkeye series, which implies the current one will have finished by March. Sure it will. I won't be picking up the new one. I'm not interested in an investigation of Clint's past. If I'm going to buy anything Lemire's writing in March, it'll be that new series from Image he and Dustin Nguyen are doing, Descender. I don't know, the little kid android could be annoying, but I'm hopeful it'll be a big, weird universe, and Nguyen will make it look good.


SallyP said...

Is that disbelief I hear about Hawkeye finishing in time for a new series?


Yep, a whole passel of books are passing from the scene, quite a few of which I don't really care about, but I am a tad discombobulated by all the Green Lantern books going under. And Charles Soule has been doing a stellar job on Red Lanterns. My only hope is that with the rejiggered line-up, new Green Lantern books will arise anew.

Haven't a clue about what the heck is going on over at Marvel, since I only stick to their quirky books anyway.

CalvinPitt said...

Me, doubt Hawkeye? *mock surprise*

As far as Marvel goes, I guess they're going to do Hickman's version of "Secret Wars" here in late spring, whatever that ends up being. Seems like Marvel's version of Crisis on the Infinite Earths, which I'm not sure Marvel needs, nor do I know what the end game for that would be.

I think sticking to the quirky stuff on the fringes is the smart move, since Marvel seems content to let those books do their own thing, a decision I greatly appreciate.