Monday, December 15, 2014

The Calendar Turns Over Again

Don't be confused, we're operating on the Blog Calendar here. In case you were curious, Blog Calendar declares the Apocalypse will occur on the date of the 1st of Calvin Buys An Event Comic Written By Bendis, so set your schedules accordingly. It's the end of Year 9 at Reporting on Marvels and Legends. Just one more year to a solid decade. Crazy.

Let's see, what went on here this year? I decided not to wait for UnCalvin to show up after April Fools' Day, so we crashed her offices, with moderately hilarious results. Deadpool didn't invite Clever Adolescent Panda to his wedding, and they weren't able to keep me from being tormented by birders. UnCalvin built a really lame giant robot. A bear gave me my hand rake in exchange for a handkerchief. We found a cookie making factory in a tree that fed off happiness, and Deadpool shot me in the foot. That hurt.

I read far too many books about World War 2. Read several detective stories, watched a few good movies, and plenty of bad ones. I played a half-dozen games this year, none of those were bad, though in several of them, I found myself frustrated by the parts of the game I didn't like that I had to do to reach the parts I did like. Tales of Vesperia was very good, though. I made roughly 5 times as many jokes or snide comments about Hawkeye's release schedule as issues of the book actually shipped, but was surprised to realize Dan Slott had become my least favorite/most frustrating writer at Marvel these days.

I wrapped up the Burn Notice reviews, and started in on The Invisible Man. I expect that to continue for another couple of months (there are about 8 episodes left), but I don't know what I'll watch next. I actually got off the stick and did the posts about my Favorite Characters. I enjoyed that, except for the part where it was exhausting. I still plan to touch on the characters I'd consider putting in instead, but I don't know when I'll muster the drive for it.

Looking ahead to Year 10, I don't have any overarching plan. The usual mostly, review this, rant that, hopefully some more stories. Besides the Addendum to the Favorite Characters, I have a couple of ideas. Scans Daily has been doing this "31 Days of Scans" thing, with a different category for each day. I might adopt that, not as something I'd do for a whole month, but just pull one out when I need something to post on for a given day. Also, I've been thinking about reviving that "Build Your Own League of Extraordinary Gentleman" idea from the summer of '06 I stumbled across at Bully's/ I've been meaning to do versions for all my different video game consoles, but I never get around to it. Perhaps this year I'll manage a couple.

I'm also thinking I need to go back and start adding creator name labels to more posts. I have a few, but not nearly as many as I probably ought to. I might also need to work on some of the character names. Like I have Carol Danvers' posts under "Captain Marvel", "Ms. Marvel", and "warbird". And now there's Kamala Khan to consider. Probably ought to simply that and just use "Carol Danvers". It's funny, I always used to wonder how much longer the blog would continue. I still know it'll happen someday, but at this point, it's difficult to picture. I can see the posting rate slowing, but I can't figure I'll ever completely run out of things to talk about here.

I sure hope not, anyway.

I'm going to include some links to posts from the last year that I like for one reason or the other at the bottom of the page. I haven't done this in a long time, but what the heck. These are posts that mostly wouldn't fall into some of the broader labels the stuff I mentioned above would (books, movies, diversions, video games). So before I get to that, let's wrap up any formal chat with me thanking you, the audience, for taking some time out of your day to read this blog and comment, if you do. I'd still post otherwise, but it's nice to know someone notices, so thank you.

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SallyP said...

It HAS been an interesting year, hasn't it? And seriously, you can never read too many books about World War II. Have you tried the Civil War? That can really drag you in!