Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Late Nights Portion Of My Trip Is Concluded, Time For Manual Labor

Typing this Monday evening, having spent Wednesday thru Saturday with Alex. He had a gig every night, so lots of late nights, and a lot of drunk people dancing. I am impressed at the people who can make out in the middle of the dance floor, oblivious to everything around them. Wednesday a private party rented the club for 4 hours, but stayed for only two. So, short night. Gave me a chance to watch a few episodes of Psycho-Pass on his Netflix, which has been getting recommended to me for awhile. It's kind of interesting, but the premise for how things are set up in society seem so obviously stupid and bad to me, it's hard to buy in. It's not a "things look good on the surface, but are rotten underneath". It's like when people tried to argue Iron Man and the Pro-Reg heroes in Civil War were right. Yeah, until you take two seconds to consider the whole thing, and then the multiple flaws become apparent. Which isn't to say I'm not intrigued, just there are certain issues.

Thursday and Friday were largely uneventful. Saturday, he had to work during the SEC Championship Game. It was pretty easy, he just played music during the commercial breaks and halftime. Considering MU got curbstopmed (outside of a fairly competitive 3rd quarter), he had the crowd in pretty good spirits. He played YMCA at one point as a joke, expecting maybe 5 people to dance, and everyone started dancing. That was pretty cool. Apparently some customer talked smack about him on the restaurant's twitter account in the game, then got drowned in a barrage of tweets from people praising Alex' work. Supposedly some of the bartenders or waitresses were trying to find the guy and kick him out. Go, workplace solidarity!

The downside was he couldn't leave the booth for the entire game, which meant no bathroom breaks, and I had to run around town trying to find a place that sold microphone cables, because they were missing one. Lost my really convenient parking spot because of it. It was amusing, I wound up parking at the end of a line of parking meters a couple of blocks away, but only had enough change for the first hour and a half. By the time I came back to add more money, every other vehicle had a ticket (I still had 8 minutes to spare).

Anyway, after the game, Alex still had to work the club that night, but at least we got some wings and some pizza before that. That was slightly annoying because there were these two intoxicated girls that kept coming up to the booth demanding certain songs. Which is fine, Alex takes requests, wants the crowd to dance and all, but with these two he'd played their first song request - Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" - and within 10 minutes of his playing it, they came back wanting him to play it again.

I could go a thousand years without hearing that song, and spend that 1000 years traveling the cosmos seeing wondrous things, and if I returned to Earth for a party and heard that song, it would be too soon. I don't even hate the song, and it is nice to see how excited all these people get for it, but I just don't need to hear it again.

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