Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guess That Villain!

Do you think the Black Beetle (currently appearing in Booster Gold) is a legacy villain? I suppose that's a silly question. This is DC, and specifically Geoff Johns, we're talking about here. Of course, the Black Beetle is part of a legacy of costumed yahoos. He appears to have a scarab though that suggests lineage shifted from good to evil over time, like a reverse Brainiac*. But at the same time, Booster's father described Ted Kord as the predecessor to the Black Beetle's enemy, which suggests perhaps he isn't the Blue Beetle lineage gone awry. Which could work quite easily. We know there are a metric** ton of those scarabs around, so two beings having them and having a rivalry is certainly possible. HA!*** I wonder though, whether the Black beetle is connected to any other lineages. Could he be related to Ted's old enemy Carapax, who apparently battled Superman and Firestorm (Jason Rusch version) sometime recently? Or maybe he's descended from one of Jaime's foes? Who would that be then?

*Hmm, a reverse Brainiac would be an Idiot, wouldn't? Or would it be Cainiarb?

**That's right a metric ton! Bow before the metric system foolish Amerikaners! Your scientists have already embraced it! There is no escape!

***Sorry, I'm watching the NBA Draft Lottery while typing. They were ready to see who got picks 1, 2, 3, and for some reason, T-Wolves rep Fred Hoiberg was carrying a stuffed animal. What the hell, man? With that kind of wussitude, no wonder your team wound up #3. If you had a pickax, I'm sure you would have gotten the first pick****.

****Also, I want to say I'm very happy the Miami Heat don't get the first pick in the draft. When your coach actually bails on the team to go "scouting", that's tanking. Not by the players necessarily, but that's the coach flat out giving up, no doubt. Between that and his used car salesmen hair, him teaching Jeff van Gundy the most boring style of basketball imaginable, leading to completely unwatchable playoff series between the Heat and the Knicks throughout the '90s, and for booting Stan van Gundy out so Riles could get another championship ring as a coach, I say to hell with Pat Riley. What happened to him? He coached the Showtime Lakers, he used to be cool. Now he's a punk.


Jason said...

Hey, is Booster at a good jumping on point? I'm clearing out my pull list and I think I want to jump into that series.

Also, still in shock the Bulls got the #1 pick. Now the question is, how can they screw it up? Maybe we'll trade it to the Cavs to get Ben Wallace back?

SallyP said...

Booster Gold is ALWAYS at a good jumping on point! It's the ginchiest! At the moment, he's gone against Rip Hunter's sage advice and saved his old buddy Blue Beetle from his grisly death at the hands of EvilMax Lord. This however, has messed up the Time Stream (natch) which turns out to be just what the villains wanted! Bwhahahahaha!

I must admit that I don't have a clue who the evil future Beatle is, but speculation is always part of the fun. If it turns out to be a future version of Booster, I'm gonna plotz.

Go Celtics!

CalvinPitt said...

jason: Well, it's in mid-story arc right now, but Sally summed up the basic premise of the arc pretty well. Also, Booster (or perhaps another character) usually provide at least some sort of recap exposition during the issue, so it shouldn't be too hard to follow.

I should mention I think Johns is leaving the book after #12, and I'm not sure who's going to take over. Chuck Dixon is listed as "temporary writer" for August's issue #13, so who knows what that means.

Jack said...

Well, I picked up the issue and it was pretty great. Easy to catch up on and a lot of fun (if a little grim with the whole "he killed Dr. Light's kids" thing). I'll stick with it through the 1,000,000 issue (which is awesome). Plus, I'll be getting the collection of the first few issues at the end of the month so I'll get more caught up.

No idea who the Black Beetle is. Could it be an evil Ted Kord from another universe? Or maybe a grown-up, corrupted Jamie? Captain Carrot?

Jason said...

FYI...that was me above, I was setting up a blog for my son and was still signed in as him.

SallyP said...

Jason, I would go back and try and pick up the earlier issues of Booster Gold, if you can find them, or wait for the inevitable trade, because they are hilarious.