Monday, November 02, 2015

Am I Giving Marvel Too Much Credit, Or Too Little?

Going by January's solicitations, Marvel is going to make it at least that far before their next big event. OK, so Secret Wars will only have been done for a month by then, but they'll be four whole months into All-New, All-Different Marvel. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

In the interests of keeping the bar low, and in offsetting disappointment with relentless cynicism, let's predict when the next tentpole event will show up!

I'll start! May of 2016! Yes, they will almost make it to summer before kicking off some big fight between the X-Men and the Inhumans (or more generally, mutants, and Terrigen Mist-reactive people), with the 11 million Avengers teams caught in the middle. When they aren't being ripped asunder by the members of both sides they include in their ranks*.

Also, Hank McCoy will be prominently involved somehow, because he's supplanted Pym as the Hank in the Marvel Universe you least want working on anything science-related these days. He simply can't be trusted to have any sound judgment on what's over the line any longer.

I know I'm being snarky about this, but I do think there's the potential for something in there that could be interesting. I want to expand on it, but I think I'm going to save it for Wednesday, give myself some extra time (and an extra post).

Anyway, that's my prediction, what about yours? When's the next event, and what will it be about, if you're so inclined? Will anyone be bold and predict a conflict between heroes and villains, rather than heroes and heroes?

* I suppose I should predict a reprising of Civil War, given the rumors about Millar returning to do it again, but I'm doing my damndest to turn a blind eye to that threat. If it has to happen, maybe it'll just be its own little mini-series everyone else can ignore. Finger crossed, fingers crossed.


SallyP said...

I couldn't even begin to come up with yet another giant crossover idea. I am all crossovered out.


IS...I just want to read my favorite books and let the writer and the artist actually have a chance to come up with a compelling Tory without having to somehow cram it into a different narrative.

I get the feeling that Marvel is trying to make the Inhumans into the next version of Mutants... but I really don't have any interest in the Inhumans...and never did.

CalvinPitt said...

The closest I ever got to interested in the Inhumans was when Ronan and Crystal had that arranged marriage, because it was kind of weird to see the two of them as a couple (and Ronan is, remarkably, the most stable guy Crystal's been involved with).

SallyP said...

He was the least crazy!