Monday, November 09, 2015

Maybe It Wasn't Personal, But I Still Felt Insulted

So when I got home Friday, the Internet was working again. No idea why, and by the time you read this (I'm typing it Friday night) it may be down again, so we'll play it by ear. I hope it keeps working, though. My work computer is an ancient piece of crap, and there's no sign they're going to do anything about that anytime soon.

On another note, I know Amazon recommendations are not always reliable. The fact there's somewhere over 20,000 things I've told them I wasn't interested in thus far is proof of that. But I really wonder what their algorithms think of me, given some of the things they suggest. Last week, they recommended the Adam Sandler dud (to be charitable) Pixels. I haven't felt that disrespected since UnCalvin wrote "DISRESPECT" along the length of her hand and pimp-slapped me with it.

So maybe it's a good thing I can't figure out how to tell it I own things I purchased elsewhere (unless they appear in my recommendations). There's no telling what it would suggest if it knew I bought UHF over the weekend.

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SallyP said...

Wonky internet is the very devil!