Monday, November 30, 2015

There's All Kinds Of Things To Look At In February

With solicitations for the first two months of 2016 out, I still haven't seen anything from DC I particularly want to buy. Which means I should probably start picking up some series that are currently going that are well-regarded, but somehow none of them really excite me. I don't know, maybe Omega Men, or Gotham Academy eventually. I've got three months, plenty of time.

At Marvel, I'm thinking about that new Power Man and Iron Fist series, but I don't love the art, so, again, not sure if I can pull the trigger there. I kind of want to buy the Mercs for Money mini-series, but also kind of don't. I don't want to encourage Marvel to saturate the market with even more Deadpool than they're already putting out there. Admittedly, we're still not near the heyday of a five years ago, when he had three ongoings, plus I don't remember how many mini-series and one shots. But still, one mini-series ending - Deadpool and Cable - a new one starting, plus that team-up series with Spider-Man, plus the ongoing (which is only shipping one issue this month, but it's a $10 issue to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his first appearance. Pretty sure I'm going to wait a few months on that). This is how you get the backlash against the character from the people who get sick of seeing him everywhere. If the books are good quality it shouldn't matter, but who knows on that score.

Also, remember how I wondered how long we'd have until the next event? We'll they're releasing something like a prelude to something called Avengers Standoff, so I may have given them too much credit when I picked May of 2016.

Outside those two publishers, I'm still waiting on Copperhead to start back up, and I thought the third and final Roche Limit mini-series was supposed to start in February, but there's no sign of it. Devil's Due is releasing a Badger mini-series. Is that Mike Baron's character, or something different using the same title? I've read scattered issues of the stuff from First Comics occasionally, not enough to ever make sense of what was going on, kind of like Nexus. I kind of doubt this would be the right place to jump in.

IDW has a Street Fighter vs. G.I. Joe mini-series starting. Does that mean Cobra teamed up with M. Bison? That's hard for me to picture, but I still visualize Cobra Commander as the sort of ridiculous coward villain he was in the '80s cartoon. Still, Bison does strike me as the sort of guy who would appreciate the utility of a good Weather Dominator. He appreciates a flair for the dramatic. I don't see myself buying that - I have no nostalgia for G.I. Joe - but it caught my attention. And there's a new Wynonna Earp mini-series, for you Beau Smith fans out there. I didn't even know there was going to be a TV series, but I'm frequently out of the loop on such matters.


SallyP said...

I heard about the Winona Earl series, which is great because I am a Beau Smith fan!

CalvinPitt said...

I was looking around a bit, and they're definitely going a different direction with the art on the mini-series (trying to get more in line with the TV show), which might not be a bad thing. I was looking up the earlier minis online, and the covers were very, hm, how can I put this? '90s. I don't know if the interiors look the same, but it gave me pause (that and the store I was looking at didn't have all the issues of any of the mini-series, which always annoys me).