Sunday, November 29, 2015

Zorro 2.3 - Horse of Another Color

Plot: Those bandits are still at it, as we open this week on them chasing down poor Lt. Santos. He's wounded, and has his papers and uniform stolen, despite the best efforts of his horse. Elsewhere, Diego's in conversation with Senor Verdugo, who is really committed to getting on a ship personally to run the blockades and reach Spain to get those supplies. And here's Senor Serrano, absent last week, and accompanied by the false Santos, who says there is a ship stopping over in San Francisco on its way to Spain, and Verdugo should prepare to depart immediately (with the money, naturally). Diego is surprised to learn Anna-Maria is going as well, but she's eager to see Spain.

Soon it's time to depart, and oh goody, Senor Serrano will be riding along as well. Garcia hands over the money to Verdugo, who promises to keep it with him at all times. And Diego bids farewell to Anna-Maria, to Serrano's consternation. Though the lieutenant appears to be alone, he assures them his men are waiting 10 miles down the road, to avoid raising suspicion. Even though the innkeeper and everyone else knows all about Verdugo's mission, but sure. And with that, Verdugo heads for San Francisco, and Diego and Bernardo leave Monterrey. Diego seems rather sad to be parted from Anna-Maria, seeing as they'd just started getting along, but there's no time for mushy stuff, because he's the true Santos' horse, playing at being Lassie to lead our intrepid duo to its master. Who is just able to give his name to Diego before dying. Realizing there's trouble afoot, Zorro rides on Verdugo's trail on the dead soldier's horse (named Phantom).

Good timing too, as Pablo and the other bandits make their move. Verdugo is able to kill on with his pistol, but there's the two other bad guys to contend with. It's about then Zorro creates a distraction with some gunpowder in the campfire. Santos tries to run, only to find his path barred by Phantom, who herds him back to the camp where Zorro prepares to interrogate him. Santos won't talk, and when he tries to run, Serrano shoots him. Serrano had chased Pablo, but lost him, and wanted to make certain Anna-Maria would be safe. That seems perfectly above suspicion, but Zorro is perhaps more interested in making time with Anna-Maria, who is quite enchanted with him. So a kiss, and then away he goes.

Quote of the Episode: Senor Verdugo - 'If we fail, then I am sorry. Many of you will have lost your money. I will have lost my life.'

Times Zorro marks a "Z": 0 (0 overall).

Other: Senor Verdugo was remarkably cool with a masked man kissing his daughter full-on the lips. I thought there were rules about that sort of thing in society back then? What has happened to the traditional values? *clutches pearls*

I can't decide if the innkeeper is part of all this or not. He recognized the false Santos, but raised no alarm, and they were conversing until Pablo came along and said the mysterious - OK, not so mysterious, it's almost certainly Serrano - boss wanted to talk to Santos. I just wonder if the innkeeper's strictly mercenary, and they pay him for what he hears, or if he's really part of the gang. Will Zorro have to stab an old man? If so, will I make jokes about Zorro's lack of respect for his elders? No to the first, but I would if he did.

Sergeant Garcia seemed pleased at Diego's farewell to Anna-Maria. Not that he was happy they were parting, that they seemed to like each other. Certainly, when Serrano puffed up his chest in irritation and rode over to butt in, Garcia had a moment where he scowled at the man. Sergeant Garcia: Quietly rooting for his best friend to meet a nice girl and settle down.

Diego said Phantom might have been faster than Tornado, which, eh, I doubt that. Wasn't fast enough to keep Santos from getting killed, was he? Check and mate. I have not idea why I'm being like this tonight. Just feeling silly.

Senor Verdugo says he has to risk his life running the blockade to get those supplies {Edit: It has been pointed out by a helpful commentor that Diego returned to California in 1820, not 1810. I knew the first episode said what year it was, no idea why I remembered it wrong. Anyway, ignore all the stuff below about Joe Bonaparte, and replace instead with Ferdinand VII, which if anything, might be even worse. It would at least explain the apparent indifference to keeping California supplied}, because otherwise the people of California will lose faith in their country and their king, and turn to foreign countries for supplies and aid. I can admire his conviction, even if I think he's a sucker. Assuming this is within 3 years of Diego's return from Spain, which was in 1810, the king is Napoleon's brother, Joseph. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that a ruler who couldn't even control the country he was in charge of, and couldn't stop Venezuela from declaring independence doesn't give a crap about California. It doesn't even sound like he wanted the job. But Verdugo wouldn't be the first to back the wrong horse.


Anonymous said...

"Assuming this is within 3 years of Diego's return from Spain, which was in 1810": actually, it was 1820, as shown at the beginning of the first episode.

CalvinPitt said...

Goddamnit you're right. Well, then I don't know. I don't know why I was sure it was 1810.