Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mama's Gotta Watch Her Baby Bird Out Amongst The Hawks Now

I wonder if Kamala's mother will be as OK with Kamala's superheroing now that she's in the Avengers. I know it seems like a positive step, being on a big, public, generally respected group like the Avengers (even if they've diluted the hell out of their name the last 10 years). And it means having some experienced teammates to watch her back.

At the same time, joining the Avengers typically means facing an elevated level of threats (Thor being a possible exception). And while her mother knows she's been out helping people, it's not clear how much she knows about the details. What exactly Kamala's been up against - like giant, remotely controlled alligators - or how narrow some of her victories have been. The Avengers tend to attract media coverage, and if Ammi sees her daughter on TV fighting, I dunno, Korvac, or Ronan the Accuser, is she pride still going to outweigh concern?

And if they're still intent on keeping Kamala's dad out of the loop, can they maintain that in these new circumstances? One of the things in Ultimate Spider-Man that helped Gwen figure out Peter's identity was MJ seeing him losing to Doc Ock on TV and being so unnerved she ran out of the house. Which got Gwen suspicious, and one thing lead to another. Kamala's mother can probably hold it together a bit better than high school MJ, and I doubt Kamala's dad is as suspicious as Gwen was that something was going on, but it's a potential problem.

Assuming they don't take the proactive approach of just sitting him down and telling him themselves.


SallyP said...

It would be nice if they told him. That was one of the things I liked so much about Jaime Reyes... his family was so fabulous and supportive.

CalvinPitt said...

Jaime's family was pretty great. I think Kamala's dad would be OK with it, or could be talked around to being OK. For some reason Aamir strikes me as the one who might object the most. He kind of has that "big bro knows best" thing going.