Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Surely They Spent Some of the Budget on Spin Doctors

I have a bad feeling things are not going to go as Robo plans.

Not with regards to his strategy to eliminate the Biomega, though I'm sure the target being a living, moving island will complicate things. I'm more concerned about his idea that with Tesladyne and China saving the world, Ultra/Majestic-12 will be exposed as frauds and brought down.

There are too many people who screw up monumentally, are outright wrong in their projections and arguments, or behave in a criminal fashion, yet still manage to skate, for me to expect an organization that's has enough official support and backing that they can seize companies and scientific branches of other governments, not to mention outright abduct people, to be shut down because someone else saved the world. Look at Oliver North, or Karl Rove. One's a criminal, the other a buffoon, but both are still somehow treated as credible by certain segments of the population.

So I'm doubtful this won't end up being a large-scale version of Spider-Man saving New York from Electro, only for Jonah to claim they were in cahoots. Or the X-Men saving the world from Magneto, then having politicians turn around and brand them outlaws and push for more mutant registration. Especially when the person likely to be doing the saving is someone Ultra has worked very hard to have branded as a terrorist. Are they going to try and somehow blame Robo for the Biomega, argue that he's engineered this while in hiding, so he could be the hero and divert attention from that thing about Tesladyne having a nuke on the premises? That he's working in concert with a country that's apparently refused to cooperate with Ultra will I'm sure be pointed out in all the usual news circles.

There's always a chance things are a little fairer in Robo's world than ours, I suppose. That'd certainly be good for him.

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