Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What I Bought 10/4/06

Hmm, there was no bagpiper in the park today. Of course it was about twenty degrees hotter this week, and they were lawnmowers out there, so it probably wouldn't have been enjoyable, with the grass and leaf particles in the air and all.

I bought one book this week, but what was it? What? WHHAAATTTT?


Dr. Strange: The Oath #1 - I figured, why not? At least I won't be coming into the story part way. Where to begin? Well, the cover isn't lying, Strange really is shot, as we see after an amusing beginning, a conversation between Arana and Iron Fist. Fortunately, Wong has gotten the Doc to someone who can help. It might still be a dicey operation, fortunately Astral Projection Doctor Strange (in stores this November!) is there to help!

As he does, we get a little refresher on Strange's history, plus we find out about the guy who shot him. I think that scene goes a ways to showing Strange isn't a chump. Yes, he got shot, but it's because he made a perfectly understandable underestimation of his opponent's resources. We also found out what the shooter stole, though it's signifcance isn't revealed until the end of the issue.

And we learn Wong is dying. What?! This leads to a couple of excellent scenes. First, as Strange tells Wong to forget those other doctors, that he, Dr. Stephen Strange can save Wong, he has a reminder of his handicap, and his frustration visibly emerges. Then as Strange goes looking for a magical cure, we get to see how Wong takes care of his Master. That one is especially critical, because done incorrectly, it could give Dr. Strange the appearence of being a goofy, absent-minded professor type, but it has more the air of someone dedicated and absorbed in the work he's doing, because he's confident that his friend will alert him of anything that would require his attention.

My only quibble is we didn't get to see Strange battle what Wong described as 'a god'. Maybe we'll get that in another flashback later on. It's certainly a good start. 4.25 out of 5.

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