Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's Warm And Fuzzy And Hovering Near The Ceiling?

An Adorable Baby Panda wearing the Cloak of Levitation, that's what.

Ok, so it was a towel, and not hovering so much as me holding ABP aloft above my head. But, we found the towel in the closet, next to the spare lightbulbs and toilet paper, and the Cloak of Levitation likes to hide among the Wands of Satannish. It's pretty much the same thing. So, ABP approves of the Cloak. What else?

Page 20, as Doctor Strange confronts the being he'll have to fight for Wong's cure. It may not have been Ditko himself, but it has the same feel, and the canted perspective that's reminiscent of Ditko's Sorcerer Supreme.

Iron Fist and Arana's conversation. 'Yes I'm Iron Fist. No, I don't know where Power Man is. We're partners, not a couple.' Also, 'Some doofy super-villain wearing his tightie-whities on the outside.' It's witty banter, that actually says something! Are you by any chance taking notes Bendis?

Oddly, ABP did not like Astral Projection Doctor Strange. I think he looks too much like a ghost. Hmm, I might want to consider keeping ABP inside on Halloween. Maybe some ice cream will make up for it.

By the by, Adorable Baby Panda was interested when I mentioned Vaughn's {Edit: Whoops, I mean Brubaker's. Thanks to zeb for the correction} upcoming Iron Fist series. So hopefully Ed won't make it too violent.


Zeb Aslam said...

The Iron Fist series won't be by BKV. It's by Brubaker and Fraction with awesome art by David Aja. And since it involves both Fraction and Brubaker...I'm afraid ABP might find it too violent for his tastes.

CalvinPitt said...

zeb: Oh, it's by Brubaker? Whoops. My bad. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I can just carefully skim through it, and show ABP selected passages.