Saturday, June 03, 2006

Betcha Wouldn't See This Coming

I have the feeling that Hawkeye, when he actually makes an appearance, will be in support of the Superhuman Registration Act.

It seems odd, given he's usually been your typical anti-establishment Marvel hero. The Avenger, moreso than any other, who gave Gyrich crap just because. Still, I would think that he might have experienced a shift in perception.

He died because Wanda Michael Bendis Maximoff couldn't - or wouldn't - control her powers. Thus, all that crap was brought down on the Avengers, culminating in Hawkeye kamikaziing a Kree spaceship (those of us at the store still aren't sure whether that was a real Kree spaceship Wanda drew there, or just something she created, like the Ultrons Vision spit out). Based on that, he might be of the mindset that rounding capes up, and especially training them, is a good idea.

After all, to be able to run with the Avengers, Hawkeye had to train his ass off. He didn't have any special powers (I'm overlooking his time as Goliath, that was just stupid), so he had to make himself as good as he possibly could be at archery to be able to earn that spot on the team. Heck, he might not make a bad teacher. He learned hand-to-hand combat from Captain America himself, and Cap's certainly not going to be available to teach.


Diamondrock said...

I thought he was dead.

CalvinPitt said...

He was, but Wanda's "No more mutants" line somehow also brought him back from the dead.

But, to my knowledge, no one has actually seen him since.

Well, She-Hulk saw a version of him from before his death, but that doesn't count.