Sunday, June 11, 2006

Goblins and Gravestones and Gamesmasters

While thinking about Annihilation, I remembered an Avengers annual from several years ago. It was 2-parter, starting with West Coast Avengers Annual, and following up in Avengers Annual. They had to fight the Gamesmasters' Legion of the Dead to save the universe. He planted five bombs throughout the universe. Altogether, they could destroy everything. The Avengers were split up, and had to try and get past their dead enemies to destroy the bombs. One team failed, though I suppose that shouldn't be surprising for a quartet of Iron Man, Mockingbird, Black Knight and Dr. Druid?! So I'm wondering, does that mean the 20% of the universe is still destroyed? If so, what does that look like when you get there?

Honestly, I'm not sure if it stuck. Prior to Gamesmasters' final defeat, all but two of the Avengers had been killed by their enemies, by the end of the story Death had regained control of her realm (the problem that started it all in the first place) and brought the heroes back to life. So maybe she fixed that, too.

Heck, I'm not even sure if it's in continuity, as a lot of the dead people aren't dead. Nighthawk (was later explained, I think), Terrax (!), Hyperion, Bucky (?), and the one that first caught my attention, the Green Goblin. Given that Norman certainly doesn't seem dead (though he was considered to be at the time), it can't be real, right? Not so fast. What if it was the third Green Goblin, Bart Hamilton? You heard me, Bart Hamilton! He was Harry Osborn's psychiatrist, Harry reveals under hypnosis that his dad was Green Goblin, and where Norman kept weapons and serum. Hamilton finds them, and uses them to battle the Mafia, I mean the Maggia, for reasons unknown. What, shrink work wasn't paying enough?

So that settles that, the story can still be in continuity, at least as soon as one of you explains Bucky's presence. Of course, that means that Moon Knight got killed by a third-rate Green Goblin, so sucks for him. I mean, it took Dracula to kill Mockingbird. Seriously, how do you lose to a guy that accidentally blew himself up with his own bomb? Tsk, tsk, Moon Knight, hope you didn't let Frenchie and Marlene hear about that.


Anonymous said...

In the Krueger/Case Nighthawk mini, it was revealed Kyle had been in a coma the whole time, which would be news to the witness to his death, DR. FUCKING STRANGE. Good mini, though.

Terrax was exploded into atoms, so... he reformed. But I'd call that definitively dead.

Actually, 40% of the universe was destroyed: Silver Surfer rammed his board into the nega-bomb, killing Michael Korvac.

CalvinPitt said...

dan: Yeah you'd think Dr. Strange being a doctor and all would know the difference between "dead" and "comatose".

As for the Surfer/Korvac, I thought that their collision with the bomb destroyed it before it could detonate, like how Cap smashed one with his shield before it could explode.

Either way, I do still wonder what that would look like.

Unknown said...

"Of course, that means that Moon Knight got killed by a third-rate Green Goblin, so sucks for him."

And here's another great argument for why Moon-Knight sucks!