Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Got One Year Before It Blows Up In Your Face

I do have one quick thing related to Civil War #2. Does anyone know where the Reality Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet is? I know Galactus tried to use them to cure him of his need to eat planet's life forces, - which backfired, natch - but I haven't heard anything of them since then. I ask because I think by the time Civil War is over, we're going to need something powerful to fix the damage it did. And House of M. And The Other. And Disassembled. So we should probably look into finding it, in preparation for that. Movin' on.

Quick survey. Who here thinks that when fighting a being with the ability to alter reality, that is running around in your friend's body, that brainwashing that entity into believing they are the person who's body they've stolen is an acceptable response? Anyone? Come on, speak up!

Nobody, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, that was the Exiles solution to the Proteus problem, as Kevin now thinks he is Morph, which should work just fine, as long as the Exiles all treat him like Morph. Great, because I'm sure that Blink can act totally normal around the person who killed her lover, just like she would around Morph. This has the potential to go so badly haywire for them, but I don't think it'll get the chance.

I think that roughly the time Proteus remembers who he really is, Doom 2099 is going to arrive on the scene. He was intrigued in the technology that enabled Alchemax to open dimensional portals, he's going to get it, and use it. He may not be after Proteus initially, but when the Exiles get sent to stop him, he'll probably recognize Proteus' energy signature, and steal that power for himself. His suit's metal, he could easily either capture Proteus and then just siphon off his power as he needs it, or figure some way to kill Proteus, and just absorb the power into himself. But that's for another time. Back to the actual issue.

I've been wondering if this was the way the story was originally meant to turn out. I know Claremont was going to take over the book and Psylocke would join the squad. And Jamie Braddock had made her resistant to the powers of reality-alterers like Proteus, so I figured she'd finish him off. But Claremont's had some health issues, so I'm wondering if they scrapped that plan.

Which makes me wonder if it affects the Loeb/Liefeld Onslaught Reborn project. I kind of figured his return would be connected to the fate of Counter-Earth. So Proteus succeeds in destroying that world, the Exiles get some of the people to Actual-Earth, Proteus shows up, Psylocke kills him, but the destruction of Counter-Earth somehow triggers Onslaught's reformation.

Of course, his return could be connected to next week's New Avengers. After all, "Michael" should have both Xavier and Magneto's powers, and they landed in Genosha where Magneto is, so. . .

Wait and see, I guess.


Diamondrock said...

Whoa! There's a Doom 2099? I bet he's HARDCORE.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Reality Gem become sentient, ala Cosmic Cube/Beyonder? Or am I thinking of another Cube?

Anyway, I have a feeling that Marvel's gonna pull an Infinite Crisis. A year or two of paranoia, growing dread, and in-fighting, and then Thanos or the Celestials or Franklin Richards will do a little reality-screwing, and poof! Peter Parker, incognito!

I guess that's why I'm not as upset by Civil War #2 as I should be considering that it signals open game on character concepts ("Captain America flying a plane into the White House? Thor as a mutant? Daredevil a sighted ex-motorcycle stuntman? Why not? Look at what we got away with with Spider-Man!"). I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel already. Also, for all its WTF-iness, Civil War seems to have a clear end in mind, which Spidey's circumstances would undermine unless it is somehow erased/subdued.

CalvinPitt said...

diamonrock: Yeah, although I believe it's actually the same Dr. Doom (or else a program that thinks it's Doom).

cove: As far as the Reality Gem, that could be. That thing with galactus happened in a Thanos series a couple years back, so it could have changed since then.

Yeah, I'm sure there'll be some "presto-chango everything back to status quo!" thing at some point. I'm just wondering how much they'll erase, and how messed up parker's life will get before they do.

Anonymous said...

Exiles did wha?
It's like they couldn't think of anything better and realized this World Tour thing was really getting old. Did the bad Scottish accent go away and everything?
You know, at this point, why not? Marvel's pretty much throwing caution and reason to the wind, hell, stick him in a dress and call him Jean and explain it on the Pheonix Force!